When we got engaged in 2008 lots of questions about faith cropped up. One of the best things we did was join the Muslim-Christian Interfaith Marriage Network. During the last five years we’ve progressed from engaged, to married to parents. So when Good Housekeeping wanted to interview a Christian married to Muslim as one of the lessons for a piece on “The real meaning of Christmas” I was a bit puzzled.

Now though I think bravo Good Housekeeping for doing a story on interfaith marriage that is celebratory. Amy Hopkins who interviewed me has done a lovely feature and I think she’s an insightful editor as I had no idea that we have rather a home-spun Christmas and that in thinking about what was important we’d somehow manage to circumvent all the usual hoo-hah that goes with the festive season until she pointed it out to me!

As my husband, Takbir always says to people at work when they’re recounting the traumas of whose family they are going to for Christmas, “If you’d married someone from a different faith you wouldn’t be having this problem.”

Photo of the article from Good Housekeeping’s bumper edition below. Pick up a copy if you can – it’s a cracker.

Good Housekeeping Dec 2013