For today’s Marketing and Business Development people, whether they are Clerks or Directors, Communications or PR Managers, they are tasked with finding innovative ways of bringing in new work to London’s best and brightest law firms and chambers. The competition to stand out from the crowd requires innovation and boldness when faced with an ever shrinking market place, and many find there is often very little to differentiate them from their competitors other than price. That’s why business development and effective communications to keep and attract new clients is more important than ever in law.

So, how do you differentiate yourself from the rest? How do you balance the attractiveness of new ideas against the risk of untested strategies? Well, those you are making it will tell you that business relationships really aren’t that different from personal ones. We all want to be listened to, no-one likes to feel taken for granted, and being treated to something special keeps the romance alive – a lasting relationship does require the occasional big gesture you know. Now’s the time to ask yourself, what have you done for your clients lately? Are you showing them not just the talent and skills they are buying but the character of your business – the Je ne sais quoi that makes you different from all the rest? Because when you like doing business with someone you want to do it more. Be honest, when was the last time you gave some thought to the character of your business and what impression your brand leaves in the memory banks? A strong brand has a good story behind it because stories are easier to remember and connect with than numbers. When it comes to keeping that relationship flourishing, well a great night out is something you don’t forget in a hurry.
Though, entertaining clients and corporate sponsorship deals are as old and tired business tactics as they come. Lawyers are often credited with appetites as big as their legal skills, and how many people end up noticing that little corporate logo and actually use your services these days? But that doesn’t mean that Corporate Entertainment and Sponsorship doesn’t work anymore. It does, but if you want your invitation and brand to stand out from the rest you have to position yourself in a fresh way.

Try something new. Something that connects your services with the entertainment on offer, like Kali Theatre Company’s upcoming new play written by Barrister Jabine Chaudri which is on at the atmospheric former Westminster County Court at Browns (82–84 St Martin’s Lane) in April. My Daughter’s Trial promises to be a great night of Courtroom drama and dining as Kali have teamed up with Browns restaurant to put on exclusive VIP nights for law firms and chambers. You could be a Corporate Sponsors and give your staff, clients and prospective clients a new and exciting experience that has a resonance with the business services you offer. For a few exclusive nights only tickets won’t be on sale to the general public and businesses will be able to have all 40 seats or 20 if they’re happy to share, with drinks and supper thrown in. How’s that for some fresh new thinking! Sponsor and take your VIPs to a play about the law, in a prestigious Courtroom for a night of wining, dining, theatre and most of all fun. You can find out more about the packages on offer at, email or ring 020 8694 6033.

Whatever you do, make sure you spend your money on something fun and memorable that has connectivity with the services you offer and makes your brand look that little bit special. A new twist on a classic approach is a sure fire way of being innovative without taking on too much risk. At your next staff meeting why not ask your colleagues what type of character they think your brand has? It’ll really help sharpen up the narrative in those new business pitches.

By Amy Beeson
Amy Beeson is a writer and communications and branding specialist. She is Director of Wordsby Ltd. Contact or 07808066426.