The Commonwealth Foundation: More Voices For A Fairer World

Strategy and research, visual identity development, interviewing and workshops, editorial and copywriting, design and printing.

Creative Team: Amy Beeson and Divya Venkatesh

Devising, editing and designing a one-off publication for The Commonwealth Foundation alongside their new five year strategic plan. The People’s Commonwealth showcased the foundation’s best projects, plans and cultural work and created insights into their future ambitions. It showed how bringing civic voice into contact with policy makers can improve policy for all and how cultural expression can improve our understanding of other people’s experience.

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Client Testimonial

We enjoyed the journey and love the destination.
As soon as we met Amy we knew we needed her enthusiasm, knowledge and ability! We’d come to the end of a five year strategic plan and wanted to communicate our results in a way that was accessible and true to our Mission. Over a four month period Wordsby took us on a journey, which helped us ask fundamental questions
about our messages and our audiences. This not only helped us develop the end product but added value to our brand and deepened our appreciation of the distance we have travelled as an organisation.  
We are very grateful to Amy and Divya for their willingness to meet our needs. They made working together easy; from identifying and addressing new needs, to making last minute changes, the overall approach benefitted from a collective and positive spirit.
We couldn’t be happier with the magazine. The final destination is enjoyed and appreciated by colleagues and partners and it strongly reflects Commonwealth values and our story.”

Vijay Krishnarayan Director-General, The Commonwealth Foundation

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