Brook Green Nannies

Brand strategy, visual identity, brand name, strapline, copywriting, corporate stationery, digital and print marketing and website design and development.

Creative Team: Amy Beeson and Divya Venkatesh

As I’ve faced the choice around picking the right childcare at the end of maternity leave and live in West London is was very easy to put myself in the shoes of the mums and nannies this neighbourhood nanny agency wanted to attract.

Keeping it friendly, local and developing a strong emotional narrative is what makes this brand so different from the competition. It has a strong use of colour and imagery that is recognisable for local parents and is reassuring and clear in use of language. You know exactly what you’re getting and why it would be the right option for you.

We renamed the agency to appeal more to their target audience and developed an approach to marketing as well as designing consistent and vibrant digital and print communications and a wealth of narrative scenarios in their visual brand bank.

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