Cast Away Travelogue

Brand strategy, visual identity, brand language, brand name, strapline, corporate stationery, video branding, website and blog design and development with social media tweetables built in.

Creative Team: Amy Beeson and Divya Venkatesh

Veronika is an experience filmmaking but her new blog and YouTube channel is a start-up. We spent time talking to her about her style of advice, who it was aimed, what other opportunities there might be for her to build up her platform and how followers could be part of the conversation.

We’ve developed a unique style that resonates strongly with the vlogs audience and feels personal for Veronika as the face of the travelogue.

Her branding is fun and very visible in her videos, website, social media and promotional materials. Tone of voice is always present in the written and spoken word. Subscribe and get some mindfulness tips so you can say bon voyage to worries when you travel.

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Client Testimonial

“When I decided to launch Cast Away Travelogue I never thought I would get as much support as I did (way beyond just website and what I thought of as branding). Cast Away Travelogue turned out to have a better plan for itself which was important not only in the initial phases, but also the development of Cast Away Travelogue’s journey.

Wordsby has been a joy to work with. Amy and Divya really think outside the box. Giving myself the chance to make a professional start to my company pushes me every day to do the best I can to keep its standards up.”

Veronika Reichenberger, Cast Away Travelogue

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