Tara Lee Yoga

Brand and website review, brand strategy, visual identity, brand language, strapline, partnership branding advice and support, marketing new products design and support, website concept design.

Creative Team: Amy Beeson and Divya Venkatesh

Our team had Tara Lee Yoga DVDs at home before we worked with Tara and could completely understand what makes her style of yoga teaching so special.

We began by reviewing Tara’s brand and marketing and strengthening her branding so she can extend her business even further. It is great to work with her to ensure her beautiful branding is present in her collaborative work for her new DVDs and yoga mats and at the many events she appears at.

We continue to work with Tara on her marketing and to offer advice and support whenever she needs it. Namaste.

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Client Testimonial

“I wanted to improve my logo and think about how to bring all the different strands of my business together in a more cohesive way. I got this and a lot more! It was really interesting discussing all the various aspects of my business and looking at it objectively to identify and develop ways to communicate with different audiences. I got advice and support for my branding and for my website and how to tie everything together. It has opened my eyes and taught me a lot. It is a whole new world with a different language!

I still get amazing support. Any time I am working on something new and have a question Amy is always there and offers excellent advice. It has been really helpful for me and my business. I recently used the colour palettes and beautiful graphic devices for my new yoga mat.

There is still so much more from their work for me to use and develop. I feel I have only just started!”

Tara Lee, Yoga Teacher

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